Affirmations for Abundance

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Affirmations for abundance can change your life. Get started today. Affirmations for attracting money are very effective as they involve your subconscious mind and your mind starts doing everything in it's power to ensure your success. Imagine yourself as having all the money or whatever it is that you need to live your life as you wish. See yourself holding the money in your hand. See yourself succeeding.  The power that your mind has is more incredible then you ever may have thought possible. Whatever you can imagine you really have the possibility of becoming as when you tell yourself that something is you will it into existence. Repeat in your mind or out loud realizing your goal. Visualize yourself having a large balance in your bank account. Tell yourself over and over that you have enough money to cover all your bills and go out and enjoy yourself. Imagine buying that new car you've always wanted. See yourself driving off in the car after paying for it in cash. See it imagine it. Lay down and relax every muscle in your body and play out in your head whatever it is that you want to achieve. You must do this as often as possible. And it is a good idea to learn as much as you can about your subconscious. I find the subject fascinating myself. To learn what powers my mind has over my body. But it really makes sense because when we see something awful we cry and when we hear something funny we laugh. Even just imagining it our mind thinks it is happening and starts setting off a chain reactive to become the thought. Some people who do not believe in affirmations will tell you they don't work so beware of the naysayers. How do they know it won't work? Always do what you believe and don't let overly negative people change your mind if you want to do something. Misery loves company. Don't let emotional zombies suck you in.

Repeat the following each morning upon waking.

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